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Scale-Up Security in Your Property With Our Video Surveillance Cameras in San Diego

Vehicle break-ins are common in shared and private parking lots. So, for those who have their own parking lots in their properties, we advise you to consider investing in video surveillance cameras in San Diego. Installing video cameras in your parking lot makes license plate recognition more possible, which is tremendously helpful in situations where a perpetrator has fled the scene in their vehicle.


There are a lot of factors that you should consider before installing surveillance cameras on your property. Luckily, our expert technicians are here to help. Contact our team of professionals now for an assessment of your property. Here are the questions that could also help determine which surveillance cameras you should get according to the specific needs of your building:

How many security cameras do you need?


What types of video surveillance cameras in San Diego best suit your application?

What security or loss prevention threats are you most vulnerable to?

Networked Video Recorders & IP Cameras, Online, and Cloud-Based

The benefits of an IP Camera Picture Quality. 

IP cameras have superior image quality to analog CCTV cameras. 

This is definitive. Nowadays, IP cameras offer 4K resolution that displays a crystal clear image. The analog HD cameras can’t compete with that. Additionally, IP cameras capture a much wider field of view than comparable analog cameras, meaning a single IP camera can potentially capture way more scenes than a regular CCTV camera. 

Intelligent Analytics. IP cameras are small computers that compress and store video. Also, they can be programmed to provide all sorts of analytics. They can detect motion or smoke, count people, build heat maps, track objects, provide anti-tampering, sense when something disappears, set off various alarms, and provide face recognition. Instead of poring over hours of footage, your network can tell you exactly when these events occurred and point you right to them. Also, third-party software gets deeply analyzes CCTV footage and provides certain types of information.

IP CCTV Camera
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House Of Automation is the overall leading provider of Security Cameras and Network Video Recorders. We offer many kinds of cameras, Vandal Resistant, Fisheye, Pan Tilt Zoom, Panoramic, Auto-Tracking, License Plate Reader, and Thermal Image.